Invisalign Pricing

Unbelievable Invisalign prices starting at $3,500 All-Inclusive.

Our affordable and all-inclusive pricing Lowest Invisalign Price:

$3,500 All-inclusive

How is 4th & Seneca Dental able to offer such low pricing in comparison to other dentists?

Because of the sheer volume of Invisalign that we do, we are able to unlock better rates and discounts from Invisalign, and we pass that the savings to you!

All-Inclusive Pricing

When we say all-inclusive, we mean it. All treatment is included from the orthodontic exam, to the Invisalign trays, to all follow-up visits. We also include a free set of retainers at the end of your treatment! You can achieve a straighter smile today starting at just $3500 all-inclusive!

Does dental insurance cover Invisalign treatment?

Many dental insurance plans, regardless of in-network or out-of-network, have Invisalign/orthodontic benefits! We will work with you and your insurance carrier to determine if you have benefits and to apply them to your treatment to lower your out-of-pocket costs.

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Pricing Levels

Level 1


Crooked Teeth Level 1

A Level 1 case usually finishes in less than 3 months. Patients with minor cosmetic changes, small gaps, or minor crowding qualify as a level 1 case.

Level 2


Crooked Teeth Level 2

A Level 2 case usually finishes in less than 6 months. Patients with some spacing and/or crowding qualify as a level 2 case.

Level 3


Crooked Teeth Level 3

A Level 3 case usually takes over 6, up to 24 months. Patients with very severe crowding and/or spacing, misaligned bites, or complex cosmetic concerns fall into the Level 3 category.

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Want to make Invisalign treatment more affordable?

Use your dental insurance

Insurance plans pay up to $2500

Use your FSA/HSA

Make the most of your flexible or health spending account

Pay in monthly increments

Pay in lower affordable monthly installments

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