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Are you looking for a more holistic, cosmetic alternative to traditional metal dental implants? Our zirconia dental implant offers a metal free option for people looking for another treatment choice for tooth replacement.

Most of today’s dental implants are made of titanium. Although this material is biocompatible and hypoallergenic (it’s frequently used for surgical joint replacement), it can pose an aesthetic concern in some areas of the mouth. Additionally, people with severe metal allergies may have a concern about placing a titanium implant into their bodies. That’s why our dynamic Seattle dental implant office offers a viable alternative: zirconia implants!

Ceramic Implants for Missing Teeth

Zirconia is a durable ceramic material that’s used for a variety of dental restorations, including both dental crowns and dental implants. When it comes to missing teeth, zirconia provides exquisite results that look natural, especially in areas where gum recession is a concern. If any portion of the implant becomes visible due to tissue loss, there is no concern for exposed metal or dark discoloration around the site of the implant.

Metal Free Ceramic Dental Implant

Unlike traditional implants, which require a separate abutment (the piece that attaches to the top of the implant and supports your fixed restoration), zirconia implants are made of one solid piece. The abutment is built in as a solid extension of the implant body. This design eliminates additional moving parts and added procedures, making zirconia implants ideal for same day tooth replacement in visible areas of your smile.

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Best Cosmetic Missing Teeth Option

Ceramic implants are best for single tooth replacement towards the front of your mouth. However, they’re occasionally used for multiple tooth replacement such as supporting dental bridges. Because tooth loss poses both functional and aesthetic concerns, zirconia designs bring a dynamic advantage to our patients with unique missing teeth needs.

Your zirconia implant will be finished off with a matching crown for optimal performance and aesthetics.

Faster Healing with Advanced PRP Therapies

Your body uses natural stem cells and platelets to heal and recover from injury. When we perform an oral surgery procedure such as dental implant placement, we can incorporate your body’s own healing mechanisms for faster recovery and decreased discomfort. Using FDA-approved platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment, you can expect the best outcome possible!

Are Metal Free Implants Right for You?

Visit with our premier Seattle dental implant dentist to find out how this dynamic procedure can make your cosmetic implant treatment a reality. Book your consultation at our practice today!

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